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FH Resident, Dr. Peter Neumeyer Exhibit and Illustrated Talk

Friends House Resident, Dr. Peter Neumeyer Exhibit and Illustrated Talk:  

Le feu dans les collines; fire in the hills.

 The great Santa Rosa fire of last October has been memorialized by a group of 8 to 10-year-olds in Belgium.  During the month of October, Friends House, a retirement community in Santa Rosa, will feature an exhibit of the stunning paintings and collages created-and transmuted to book form--by these empathetic children a continent away.  In an illustrated talk at 7:15 p.m. at Friends House, Dr. Peter Neumeyer, a resident in that community, will introduce the audience to the circuitous path by which these amazing children came to exercise their empathy and artistic virtuosity on a calamity so far from their shores.

          For now, enough to say that Neumeyer had been in touch with these children as they had been inspired to artistic expression emulating the graphic style of the late Edward Gorey, a distinguished illustrator with whom Neumeyer had collaborated.  When the fire came, the children changed their focus . . . and that's what the exhibition and Neumeyer's talk will illustrate.  Friends House Library, 684 Benicia Drive, Santa Rosa, on October 9, 7:15.  The public is invited.