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POETRYPLUS- with poets Sandra Anfang and John Koetzner

PoetryPlus is presented every Second Thursday of the month in the Library at 7:15 PM.  Generally one or more poets read from their poetic works, and the evening is augmented by artistry from another genre, usually one or more musicians who provide interludes before and during intermission in the middle of the program; we have heard classical pianists, fiddlers, a bagpiper, contemporary electronic keyboarder, and clarinet/piano duets.  The evening is co-hosted by residents Clare Morris and Vilma Ginzberg.  The program is free and open to the public.  There is no open mic.

In January only, we make an exception in the date: on Tuesday, January 8th we will feature the poetic works of our own residents, a number of them published poets.

 In February we resume our usual Second Thursday post, when, on February 14th  David Beckman will give us samples from his poetry, his plays, and his novels for an all-encompassing literary program.  Check here for programs in the future.