Welcome to Friends House!

Nestled on seven acres in Santa Rosa, California, Friends House is a caring community of elders created in the Quaker tradition of equality and simplicity. In an atmosphere of informality and vitality, residents are engaged in activities of everyday life here as well as in the outside community.

Open to all older people, Friends House is composed of four interrelated programs: Independent Living apartments and houses, an Assisted Living facility, a Medicare / Medi-Cal certified Health Services and Rehabilitation Center.

The Rehabilitation Center at Friends House is available for inpatient and outpatient services and provides state-of-the-art rehabilitation resources in a spacious, well-lit, welcoming set of rooms designed to help patients reach their rehab goals. Physical therapists, occupational therapists, and … [Read More]


Support the Mission of Friends House You can help improve the quality of life for the Friends House community. For thirty years community support has been an integral component of Friends House and the generosity of supporters continues today. All gifts, large and small, are welcome and … [Read More]


Friends House Health and Rehabilitation Center Get Better, Return Home At Friends House, we provide skilled nursing healthcare services in a warm, residential environment. Our Health Services and Rehabilitation Center offers an array of rehabilitation services, short-term health care for … [Read More]

Skilled Nursing with Therapy Dog

The Friends House Assisted Living Center is warm and inviting with a family-like atmosphere. It is located across from Friends House main building and accommodates six individuals. The Assisted Living Center offers 24-hour per day help with activities of daily living, medication management, and … [Read More]

Enjoying Lunch at Friends House

Welcome to Friends House Independent Living! Four clusters of one and two-bedroom garden apartments and a few multi-bedroom houses on seven beautiful acres in Rincon Valley make up the Independent Living community at Friends House. All homes are one-story at ground level. Each of the four … [Read More]


Resident Blogger: Donna Rankin Love

Donna's Home at Friends House
Donna Rankin Love is an author, workshop leader, peace activist, blogger and Friends House resident. On December 1, 2014, she posted the following blog titled, "Gently Go The Days" about the "busy, but not harried" life at Friends House. Enjoy!

About 80 of us live at Friends House, the Quaker-based senior living center, here in Santa Rosa, California. I, at 87, am a bit older than some, our ages ranging from mid-sixties to ninety-nine. Most of us are women, but several couples live here as well as a few single men. I look to see what we have in common, why this particular group shares this address. If a guest wanders along the path and stops to ask if I know her friend, she might say, “Her name is Mary and she has short grey hair.” As I write this, I can think of three Marys and they all have short grey hair. Actually, Mary or not, most of us have short grey hair. Surely there is something more we have in common.

Joanie is a peppy little lady of almost 89 who has lived at Friends house for over three years. Last week, her visiting daughter asked me if I like living here and I told her, “Yes, and even though I miss my friends in Santa Cruz County, I enjoy new friendships here. I’m still trying to figure out what makes this group unique.”

She had an immediate answer. “During my adult life, I have lived in a small town and have participated in civic groups, charity groups, PTAs, and church groups. I have noticed that when volunteers are needed, the same three people raise their hands. I think those people who raised their hands move to Friends House. No wonder you all get so much done!”

She may be right. Unlike other residences for the elderly, our management does not organize the musicians, speakers, and events. We residents do. One Sunday afternoon a month, bright-eyed Betsy introduces a concert in the library. On most Tuesday and Thursday evenings, speakers entertain and inform us. Mostly the speakers are from “outside,” but occasionally one of us speaks. Click here to read the full blog post.